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May 15, 2008

Solaris error 12, not enough space

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Who don’t know the Solaris errors:

  • unable to fork a process
  • Solaris error 12, not enough space
  • TNS-12500, TNS-12540, TNS-12560, TNS-00510

This errors are memory or swap related. Spezially swap allocation seems to be a mystery under solaris.
A description about solaris system errors is avaliable with the command:

man -s2 intro

So the question is: How much swap space do I need on solaris to run a oracle database?

An extract from somewhere describing solaris swap allocation:

The Virtual Swap Reserved is 12 gigabytes. This is the same as the application memory
size shown in the prtmem output. This is because for each application page a
corresponding backing storage is reserved on disk even though it is not being used. This
storage is just in case the system reaches critical shortage and the page has to be copied
out to disk during a write.

So if don’t want to deal with this error, just allocate at leas as much swap space as you have physical memory. Even your system administrator tell you something else (he don’t know).

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